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Share Investor: May 2021

The Dow Jones has rallied from 17,400 to over 26,000 since the election without a major correction so this is the first one. More and more the New Zealand economy slides down the OECD economic rankings as we milk our productive sector in the hope of remaining a first world country with taxpayer funded hospitals, education and social welfare. KiwiBank, taxpayer funds will be used to subsidise an inefficient and loss making business to compete with private enterprise, the very people who are paying the tax in the first place! A like simple cars, simple food, a simple place to lay my head, a simple woman (mmwwhh) and a simple place to park my money. China, which considers Taiwan to be part of its territory, has not yet specified the sanctions that will be put into place. This way we will be left with a certain amount of money which we can then use to meet our EMIs, rents, groceries, school fees, etc. The challenge is to prioritise which expenses are essential and which are discretionary.


Like some of my the boutique s have gone up WAY out of proportion to their “importance” but one stock that I recently said sell I have to now give a buy because it has come down in price for one reason and that is because of the Tiwai Point fiasco. Well it was kind of “planned” that way. But if the Sensex returned 12% during the same period – your portfolio did not perform very well. Well I am a simple guy. Simple things follow me around. With the prospect of this stock ticking over to $20 and providing the portfolio a ten bagger – minus divs over 8/16 years. This years picking is a little diff in that there will be no stock picks. After all, there are plenty of towns with lakes and rivers all around Florida. There are people who deal in foreign currency, for those Forex alerts are very important because Forex markets are affected by governors of each country. Seven out of 10 people with obesity reported that their weight-loss goals became harder to achieve during the lockdown, according to a survey conducted by UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. It currently sits at a tad over a 51 P.E.


Industrial production increased 5.6% in August over last year, versus a 5.1% rise expected. A rise in the KIWI/US dollar. So ignoring that, and on behalf of the long suffering taxpayer, the Micheal Cullen and Helen Clark twins have just plunked down almost NZ$700 million taxpayer dollars to buy a new train set, with billions more to come to prop up its day to day running, on a business that has never made money. Micheal Cullen is not Warren Buffett, another individual who has been buying large train sets, like Burlington Northern in the United States. Like most human beings I think i’m basically a lazy person. Tesla (TSLA) – Tesla (TSLA) failed near $350 this week but is still looking strong. InfoLogix, Inc. (IFLG) – Shares of InfoLogix, Inc. continue to slide lower after it failed to get above $7 on Monday. NZ125m a year next year or 9% of turnover on research and development so that patent Que is is only going to get bigger. “I’m pretty bullish on the second half of next year, but the trouble is we have to get there,” Robert Dye, Comerica Bank Chief Economist, told Yahoo Finance on Thursday. Recently, Beyond reported sales of $98.5 million vs $79.5 million expected and they are outselling competition 2-1. BYND shares will soar in the 2nd half of 2020 as they continue to expand.


So i will make a prediction. Bitcoin remains the top asset class in 2020, up 45%. I own GBTC and will continue to hold. It will be large. Subsidies to business who need goods hauled will give an unfair advantage to the rail operator when competing for business. While Mainfreight have both long and short haul divisions and operate trucks from seaports, airports and rail hubs and therefore may be able to transform their long haul business and capital expenditure to focus on a possible busier short haul business-Labour have a goal of doubling current freight volumes, the cost to do this is clear. Further government “protection” of a State rail system, in the form of “climate change” regulations and/or taxes can’t be discounted with the current administration, who have shown that they are prepared to retrospectively pass laws to fit their socialist agenda, regardless of sensible business practices and outcomes. Add to this the harsh reality that although we are living longer we are also somewhat frailer.